Hello all.

I decided to build this site to document the life of a guitar obsessive – buying, selling, swapping and most importantly – learning.

This is the story from the moment I bought that first electric guitar in 2003 to where I am today.

It’s for my own enjoyment and sanity more than anything but if my experiences help anyone else out there then that’s a massive bonus, and if anyone can pass on any advice which can help me then great!

I wouldn’t say I am an amazing guitarist, or have an outstanding knowledge of guitars, I haven’t built this site as some kind of ego boost. ¬†I don’t have a lot of money – if I want a new piece of equipment then I’ll more than likely have to sell something to fund the purchase. ¬†Basically I just want to document my journey from being completely clueless about guitars to now – where I like to think I have a decent knowledge.

Anyone who loves guitars, amps and effects, anyone who has strived to make that noise in their head a reality will most probably be able to relate to this.

Music is my life and will be until the day I die and, more thank likely, I’ll be playing guitar and searching for ‘that’ sound until I die.